Prof. Doron Cohen
Department of Physics
Ben-Gurion University
Beer-Sheva 84105, Israel
  פרופ' דורון כהן
המחלקה לפיסיקה
אוניברסיטת בן גוריון
באר שבע

 1987-1991    PhD, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.
 1991-1996    R&D activity (IAF, MOD, RAFAEL, SCD).
 1996-1998    The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.
 1998-2001    Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA.
 2001-9999    Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel. [more information]

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steady state

Superfluidity in
atomtronic circuits

(PhysRev highlight)

The Bososnic Josephson Junction

Semi-linear rate
of energy absorption

Quantum Dissipation

\[ \iint \tilde{S}({q},\omega) \, \tilde{P}(-{q},-\omega) \] Dephasing SP formula

Stochastic Spreading:
the Zeno effect

Moving walls

Quantum Stirring

Diffractive spreading

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  • Chairperson of the physics department (2018-...)
  • BGU Senate member (2016-...)
  • Head of the physics computation committee (2002-2019)
  • Head of the physics teaching committee (2004-2011)
  • Chief judge at the court of appeals (2017-2018)
  • Misc committees (appointments, graduate-school,...)
Courses: Research Interests:
  • Chaos and quantum mechanics ("Quantum Chaos").
  • Stochastic versus Coherent dynamics.
  • Dissipative dynamics, Brownian motion, Sinai spreading, Relaxation.
  • Dynamics of condensed particles, Bose-Hubbard (BH) model.
  • Theory of superfluidity in low dimensional BH circuits.
  • Theory of driven mesoscopic (nano) systems.
  • Adiabatic and non-adiabatic transport.
  • Pumping and stirring of particles in closed geometries.
  • Beyond linear response: energy absorption; mesoscopic conductance.
  • Theory of dissipation and quantum irreversibility.
  • Random Matrix Theory (RMT) modelling of semiclassical systems.
Recent research activity:
Our recent studies consider minimal quantum models (a) with classical particles that perform random walk in disordered environment; (b) with quantum Bose particles whose dynamics is coherent. Four PhD students were involved in those projects during the last 3 years. In the first category we can bring as an example our study of relaxation of currents in one dimensional rings, taking into account percolation and localization properties of the model [SciReports 2016], where we fuse together themes that came from the works of Sinai-Derrida and Hatano-Nelson. Lately we have extended the study to active networks with topological stochastic disorder [PRE 2018]. In the second category we highlight our quantum-chaos theory for superfludity of one-dimensional bosonic gas in a ring lattice [SciReports 2015, PRB 2017], for which we also addressed the feasibility of SQUID operation [NJP 2016] and Insulator-Superfluid resonances [Editor's Suggestion PRA 2017]. Recently we have made a paradigm shift, introducing the concept of adiabatic passage through chaos [PRL 2018], with application to non-linear STIRAP. On the one hand we are interested in stability issues, e.g. our recent work shows how Monodromy and Chaos combine to explain the stability of a condensates in optical lattices [PRA 2019]; while on the other hand we have interest in thermalization [NJP 2015], introducing a semiclassical theory for many-body dynamical localization in extremely small systems [PRE 2018]. A full list of publications (by subject) is appended below.

Lists of publications:
Wide scope
Theory of driven mesoscopic systems
Semilinear response theory
Non-equilibrium, FPE/NFT/FDT phenomenology
Quantum pumping and stirring
Stirring - prototype models and effects
Counting statistics in closed systems
Dynamics of condensed particles (BEC / BHH) - the bosonic Josephson junction
Dynamics of condensed particles (BEC / BHH) - scattering, stirring, STIRAP
Dynamics of condensed particles (BEC / BHH) - superfluidity and thermalization
Parametric evolution of wavefunctions (LDOS)
Wavepacket dynamics, Quantum Irreversibility, Loschmidt echo
Semiclassics, quantum-classical duality, localization, heat transport
System-Environment, Brownian motion, Dephasing
Kicked systems, the effect of noise
Kicked systems, the effect of dissipation