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Ehud Meron
Meron, Ehud
Non linear dynamics and pattern formation; Modeling of dryland ecosystems
Golan Bel
Bel, Golan
Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium statisticalphysics; Single molecule spectroscopy; Non-linear dynamics; Climate predictions.
Arik Yochelis
Yochelis, Arik
Nonlinear physics of pattern forming systems: applications to energy devices, physical chemistry and biology
Yosef Ashkenazy
Ashkenazy, Yosef
My research mainly deals with the physics of the climate system and the physics of sand dunes. I'm using both ...
Reuben Thieberger
Thieberger, Reuben
Statistical mechanics; Distribution of galaxies; River networks
Yair Zarmi
Zarmi, Yair
Physics of environmental processes: Nonlinear dynamics; Stochastic processes; Irreversible Thermodynamics of heat; mass-transfer processes

Research highlights

Mechanisms of Species Diversity Change in Stressed Environments (Meron's Group)

A transition from a banded vegetation pattern to a spotted pattern induced by a local clear-cut dis

The impacts of environmental changes on species diversity, and thus on ecosystem function and stability, is a central topic of current ecological research. At the landscape scale, where symmetry breaking vegetation patterns appear, a transition from one pattern state to another may take place (Animation). Using a mathematical modeling approach, we developed a theory of plant communities in water limited system, and are currently using it to highlight mechanisms of species diversity change in response to climate changes and disturbances.

Nonlinear Dynamics and Biological Applications (Yochelis's Group)

Simulation of waves in a model for intra-cellular actin polymerization and membrane ruffles

Biological systems show a plethora of fascinating self-organized behaviors that range from organ to cellular levels, such as spiral waves, pulses, synchronization, and steady states that are periodic in space. These non-equilibrium phenomena emerge through either spontaneous or forced symmetry breaking mechanisms. Employing nonlinear dynamics methods, we attempt to understand specific cases (localized waves in the inner ear) as well as gain general insights into the emergence of traveling waves with motivation taken from molecular motors, actin polymerization and cardiac system.

Soft Matter Physics and Renewable Energy (Yochelis's Group)

Simulation of self-assembled nano-structure in a model for ionic liquid

Most renewable energy devices exploit nano-scale morphologies that are paramount to large surface area, required to increase activity. However, electrical effects are often strong enough to influence the structure of active layers of those materials leading to a notorious decrease in performance. To date, theoretical studies have dealt almost exclusively with uncoupled models of self-assembly and electrokinetics. We develop novel and computationally amenable mean-field frameworks that do unify them. Our expectations are to advance devices, such as batteries, supercapacitors, and solar cells.