Neurophysics of touch processing and motor control by neuronal networks

Adviser: David Golomb

Student: ליאור שי


The goal of this project is to explain how the whisking rhythm in rodent is generated and how it is controlled by the breathing rhythm. Towards this goal, we will study a model of a premotor circuit that generates the whisking rhythm, and examine two hypotheses: 1. The rhythm is generated by interactions between two mutually-inhibiting sub-populations of neurons; 2. The rhythm is generated by electrical coupling and, possibly, inhibitory coupling, between neurons that belong to one population. The model will be examined using theoretical and computational approaches. I will simulate models of conductance-based neurons, reduce them to rate model and study the simplified model analytically. I will also explore how these circuits are controlled by inputs from the breathing circuit.
Advertised on March 20, 2020
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