Stabilization of the perovskite phase in the YBiO3 system in the quest for the first oxide topological material

Adviser: Muntaser Naamneh

advertised on Mon, 01 Mar 2021

Project description

Topological insulators based on oxygen have attracted huge interest for their scientific significance and technological potential. Recent theoretical studies on cubic perovskite bismuthate ABiO3  predict that a topological phase may exist in such a compound along with superconductivity. Materials like those which have the two properties simultaneously could lead to new physical effects such as hosting Majorana fermions and also be useful for quantum computing. In follow-up experimental studies, the difficulties to obtain the topological properties in the bismuthates were presented. First, most of those materials don’t form a cubic lattice naturally as theoretical studies assumed., and second, the crystal structure may alternate between BAO3  and ABO3, showing different properties. Just like Y-Bi-O3 in perovskite structure will be a topological insulator, and Bi-Y-O3 in the same structure will not be a topological insulator.

Here in this project, we aim to grow thin layers to manipulate the crystal structure to achieve the desired phase which hosts the topological properties.