Phase diagram of mixed anisotropic dipolar magnets

Adviser: Moshe Schechter

Student: נעם אופיר


Interesting founds of an experiment in LiHoF4 paramagnet-ferromagnet phase transition had showed that the critical temperature decreases when more magnetic Er ions replaced by nonmagnetic Y ions. (PHYSICAL REVIEW B 88, 014408 .2013)
The project's goal is to model the physical system of the experiment by using Monte-Carlo simulation in order to imitate the results of the experiment. Since phase transitions occur only in infinite-size systems, one of the numerical challenges is to provide the exact critical points by simulating finite-size system, which is going to be solved by using Binder's ratio method.
Once the system had been modeled properly, it will allow us to explain the phenomena and learn further about the LiHoF4 phase transition.
Advertised on Feb. 16, 2021
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