Identifying Hidden Supersymmetry in the Extra Dimensions of String Theory

Adviser: Eran Palti

advertised on Wed, 06 Jan 2021

Project description

String theory is a theory which aims to unify all the fundamental interactions in nature: gravity, electromagnetism, and the Strong and Weak forces. According to the theory, this unification requires that the universe has 10 spacetime dimensions, rather than the 4 we observe. This is resolved by proposing that 6 of these dimensions are curled up small. The geometry of these extra dimensions of string theory determines how much of a special symmetry called Supersymmetry is preserved by the 4 large spacetime dimensions we inhabit. I have recently worked on understanding when this geometry preserves more Supersymetry than was previously believed. The project is about extending and developing this work. It involves mathematically studying certain discrete structures in the geometry of simple orbifolds (these are geometries which are like a 6-dimensional torus that is folded is a certain way).