Wavefront analysis for super-resolution microscopy

Adviser: Oleg Krichevsky

Student: גיא ענבר


This project is part of the scanning fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and super-resolution technology developed in prof. Oleg Krichevsky lab. The system is based on a gated Stimulated Emission Depletion microscopy (gSTED), which in this project we tried to improve by applying a Shack–Hartmann sensor for absolute measurements of wavefront (SHWFS). The sensor is used in order to identify problematic components in the microscope system. Said components can cause a less accurate measurement by affecting the wavefront of the progressing laser beam. The harmed wavefront can transfigure the “doughnut shaped” depletion beam and in turn harm the measurement. In practice, the sensor identifies components that cause a disturbance in the wavefront. once the problematic components are identified they can be replaced.
This project will describe the process of building the Shack–Hartmann sensor, development of the proper MATLAB program to operate the sensor, and implication of the new sensor setup to the microscope system.
Advertised on Sept. 15, 2020
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