Developing Optical Imaging Methods in Medicine Using Advanced Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Camera

Adviser: Shaul Mordechai

Student: ליעד שמיר


It has been shown, using the absorption properties of SWIR frequencies in water, that SWIR can be used to improve visualization in certain conditions like foggy and dark environments. Since the human body is mainly composed of water, we can use these properties to construct an image of a surface a few millimeters under the skin. The immediate advantage is that SWIR is completely safe, unlike other imaging technologies such as X-rays and CT. In this project we will study the second and third windows of SWIR using sources at 1300nm and 1550nm and a focal plane array camera sensitive to these frequencies. Our focus will be to study the efficiency of this technology a few millimeters under the skin. For example, in dermatology, we will attempt to distinguish between benign and cancerous moles without the need of surgical interference.
Advertised on March 24, 2020
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