Hunting for multi-parton interactions in (semi-)heavy ion collisions

Adviser: Zvi Citron

Student: דוד אוזן


As suggested by its name, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), in addition to being large, collides hadrons. However, to probe fundamental physics we typically care about fundamental particles - the partons that make up the hadrons - and most of the research done at the LHC really uses the machine as a large parton collider, the hadrons are just the vehicles we need to hold the partons until they collide. Hadron collisions are not perfect one-to-one proxies for parton collisions and their deviation from this, let's highlight single hadronic collisions which contain multiple parton interactions, can also teach us about fundamental physics. In this project we will analyze hadronic collision data from the LHC (recorded by the ATLAS experiment) to search for signatures of multiple parton interactions. Along the way you will learn tools for large scale sophisticated data analysis. From the Analysis we will be able to see the how double parton interaction of the W particle is affected by the impact paramater
Advertised on March 24, 2020
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