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Projects 203-1-3401, 203-1-3431

Lecturer in charge: Ely Kovetz
  • An updated list of open projects for students to choose from appears below. Students are also welcome to meet in person and discuss with members of the faculty about potential opportunities (if a new project is decided upon, the faculty member must add it to the list below so the student can officially enroll to it). 
  • In order to sign up for a project, students must enroll below. After obtaining consent from the relevant faculty member to serve as their adviser, students have a month to submit an abstract and receive approval from the faculty member in charge of the Projects course.
  • Note: students cannot enroll to projects with faculty members who already have an active project without the consent of the Physics Department Chair. Such requests are not approved automatically.
  • In order to get a grade at the end of the semester the student has to submit a PDF report with the documentation of his/her work and obtain approval from the faculty member in charge of the Projects course.
  • There is an option to be exempt from one of the two lab-C experiments by taking a lab project. See Lab-C syllabus and check SHNATON for updated details. This arrangement must be pre-approved (in writing).
Updated on: Sept. 30, 2020
Past projects

Project advertisements

Title Adviser Advertised on
Ely Kovetz March 14, 2020
Nonlinear waves inside and by cells: From basic theory to synthetic biology Arik Yochelis March 18, 2020
Studying new gravitational-wave data from LIGO Ely Kovetz March 25, 2020
פיזיקה של הופעת מגה-גלונים באינטראקציה של חול עם רוח Ido Regev March 18, 2021
כבידה קוונטית, חורים שחורים, ראשית היקום, תורת המיתרים Ram Brustein March 25, 2020
Quantum mechanics with a twist Dganit Meidan March 30, 2020
Yevgeny Bar Lev March 27, 2020
Active matter: collective motion of bacteria. Open for PhD or MSc. Avraham Beer Aug. 13, 2020
Topological quantum states of matter Eytan Grosfeld April 22, 2021
Newtonian Gravity , cosmology, its symmetries and space time gravity. Eduardo Guendelman Jan. 17, 2021
Switching from Chaos to Synchronization Doron Cohen Aug. 26, 2020
Fluid-gravity correspondence: from Black Holes to transport phenomena in charged plasma Michael Lublinsky Aug. 31, 2020
Measuring the amount of a protein that controls the division process in bacteria Mario Feingold March 28, 2021
Cell division in bacteria - Dynamics of the division ring Mario Feingold March 28, 2021
R&D for an LHC ZDC Zvi Citron July 7, 2021
Dynamics of neuronal networks controlling movement and sensing David Golomb Oct. 27, 2020
Black Holes and Gravitational waves in 5 dimensional Anti-de-Sitter space. Michael Lublinsky March 7, 2021
Identifying Hidden Supersymmetry in the Extra Dimensions of String Theory Eran Palti Jan. 6, 2021

Active projects

Title Adviser Student Abstract added on Abstract approved on Project approved on
Phase diagram of mixed anisotropic dipolar magnets Moshe Schechter נעם אופיר March 1, 2021 March 11, 2021
מיפוי המבנים הגדולים ביקום Uri Keshet עומר וסרמן Sept. 30, 2020 Oct. 1, 2020
How much does information cost ? Yigal Meir יובל דהן Jan. 9, 2021 Jan. 9, 2021
Caustic Crossing Events Adi Zitrin ארבל שור Oct. 5, 2020 Nov. 2, 2020
Stabilization of the perovskite phase in the YBiO3 system in the quest for the first oxide topological material Muntaser Naamneh איל שוהם May 11, 2021 May 11, 2021
Neurophysics of touch processing and motor control by neuronal networks David Golomb ליאור שי March 30, 2020 Oct. 14, 2020
Laser Frequency Locking to a High-Finesse Cavity Ron Folman יותם ובר June 8, 2021
Development and Characterization of a 2D MOT System Ron Folman יפתח הלוי May 12, 2021 May 12, 2021
Developing Optical Imaging Methods in Medicine Using Advanced Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Camera Shaul Mordechai ליעד שמיר Oct. 26, 2020 Oct. 26, 2020
Can Primordial Black Holes explain LIGO data? Ely Kovetz זאב גירש Feb. 8, 2021 Feb. 8, 2021
שיערוך כיוון תנועת הטרף מתגובת תאי הגנגליון ברשתית דג הקשת Maoz Shamir אוריאל לימור Dec. 31, 2020 Jan. 9, 2021
Modeling Line-Intensity Mapping Ely Kovetz טטיאנה שבצ'וק March 11, 2021 March 11, 2021
Identifying dark jets with Dynamic Graph Convolutional Neural Network Yevgeny Kats נועם טל Feb. 18, 2021 Feb. 18, 2021
השפעת קשב על קיבול המידע של התגובה העצבית Maoz Shamir דפנה הימן Jan. 14, 2021 Feb. 8, 2021
Hunting for multi-parton interactions in (semi-)heavy ion collisions Zvi Citron דוד אוזן Sept. 30, 2020 Oct. 1, 2020
שיערוך מיקום הוויבריסה במערכת הסומטוסנסורית של העכבר Maoz Shamir Ori Yehezkel Dec. 31, 2020 Jan. 9, 2021