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BGU Physics Department()

The Non-Linear Dynamics (NLD) Group()

Department of Physics

  • Dr. Be'er Avraham
      • Experimental research.
      • Bacterial swarming; collective motion; anomalous statistics; microscopy.
  • Prof. Bel Golan
      • Theoretical research.
      • Statistical physics; Nonlinear dynamics; Critical transitions; Anomalous diffusion; Nonequilibrium statistical physics; Climate predictions; Single molecule spectroscopy; Biophysics.
  • Prof. Golomb David
      • Theoretical research.
      • Computational neuroscience; dynamics of neuronal networks.
  • Prof. Meron Ehud
      • Theoretical research.
      • Nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation; complex systems; ecology.
  • Dr. Yochelis Arik
      • Theoretical research.
      • Nonlinear physics of pattern forming systems: bifurcation theory, nonlinear waves and excitability, electrically charged phase separation, electrochemistry, biology.

  • Prof. Rabinovich Avinoam
      • Nonlinear dynamics; information propagation in the heart and in neurons; fracture physics: EMR; statistics; patterns.
  • Prof. Thieberger Reuben
      • Statistical mechanics methods applied to: distribution of galaxies, river networks, fractals and hydrodynamic instabilities.
  • Prof. Zarmi Yair
      • Physics of environmental processes: Nonlinear dynamics. Stochastic processes. Irreversible Themodynamics of heat & mass transfer processes. Solar energy.

Weekly seminars
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