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BGU Physics Department()

The Atomic, Molecular and Optical (AMO) group()

The Atomic, Molecular and Optical (AMO) group is a strong and diverse group that made pioneering contributions, benefiting from advances in laser technologies, new methods for light generation and other innovations. Specifically, the group studies quantum effects and fundamental physics by exploring interactions between matter and light, using state-of-the-art methods and new measurements and technologies. The group seeks to develop methods to bring quantum matter under control and to manipulate matter at the quantum level through use of existing systems, in attempt to obtain physical insight on the studied systems and eventually to employ this understanding for development of practical applications. Current research projects involve attosecond science, nanophotonics; atom chip technology, development of next generation optical clocks; development of novel laser systems; quantum interference; lasing without inversion; constraints on quantum mechanics; and understanding the dynamics of bond-cleavage in molecules and clusters, development of a new spectroscopic method for studying the structure of floppy biomolecules, trace detection, nonlinear optics, and tailored nanoparticles.

Group members:()

Ilana Bar: Laser-Matter Interaction

Ron Folman: Atom Chip

Eugene Frumker: Attosecond Science; Nanophotonics.

Daniel Rohrlich: Constraints on quantum mechanics.

Salman (Zamik) Rosenwaks: Development of novel laser systems.

Reuben Shuker Quantum Interferences; Lasing without inversion.

Boris Barmashenko

Genadi A. Koganov