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Tenure track positions in Physics ()

Faculty tenure track positions are open for applicants in all fields of physics.
Priority will be given to experimentalists.

The applicants are requested to provide
  • Curriculum Vitae (proposed format is here)
  • List of publications
  • Proposed research plan
  • Teaching statement (~1 page)
  • It should be a single PDF file.
  • Please do not include in the PDF your cover letter.
  • Please do not include in the PDF any confidential information.
  • The PDF should be uploaded using the new BGU portal for academic openings: click here
  • Tips for using the portal are provided below - (Notice - 7 Aug 2019 - currently the site is under renovation. Will be ready again at the end of the month)
  • You are requested to provide names of 4 possible reviewers.
  • The portal allows to upload an optional Cover Letter (confidential, will not be delivered to the reviewers).
  • Please do not initiate requests for recommendation letters yourself.
  • If you have further questions please contact chairphysics@bgu.ac.il
  • You are encouraged to CC relevant member(s) of the BGU physics department.
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the department of Physics encourage women to submit their candidacy for tenure track appointments.

Tips for using the new portal()

  • The new portal is still under testing.
  • At this stage the new portal supports Chrome and Explorer
  • We know that there are problems to access it with Firefox.
  • The position is announced under "Menu -> Search Jobs -> Tenure track position in the physics department".
  • First step in submission is to create an account. For this you provide YourEmail
  • The account is auto-generated with the name YourEmail.bgu
  • Please login and click "search job".
  • Please select "The Faculty of Natural Sciences".
  • You will find "Tenure track position in the physics department".
  • Then you will have the options "View details" and "Apply to this job".


  • One of the reviewers should be the candidate's supervisor (MSc / PhD / PostDoc)
  • For the rank of Lecturer: 3-4 References, at least 2 "independent" and at least 2 from institutions abroad.
  • For the rank of Senior Lecturer: 4-5 References, at least 2 "independent" and at least 2 from institutions abroad.
  • For the rank of Professor: 5-6 References, at least 4 "independent" and at least 3 from institutions abroad.