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Contact / About (2018)

New contact page is here

Department of Physics
Ben-Gurion University
Beer-Sheva 84105, Israel

Tel: +972-8-6461567
Fax: +972-8-6472904
Chair: chairphysics@bgu.ac.il
​Office: physics@bgu.ac.il
URL: http://www.bgu.ac.il/physics
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  • Chairperson - Prof. Doron Cohen - chairphysics@bgu.ac.il
  • Physics office - general inquiries - physics@bgu.ac.il
  • BSc/MSc/PhD contact info here יצירת קשר עם המחלקה - עבור מועמדים, סטודנטים, ותלמידי מחקר
  • For proposed projects (BSc / MSc / PhD) look here
  • For information on open tenure-track positions look here
  • BGU people can use the forum for general (non-personal) inquiries
  • ועדות המחלקה here
  • For administration and technical support see Staff Personnel

Web page responsibilities ()

  • Overall responsibility: Prof. Doron Cohen
  • Homepage gates: Dr. Yevgeny Bar Lev
  • Course site: Ira Wolfson and teaching assistants
  • Homepages of individuals are their personal responsibility.

About ()

The BGU Physics Department Homepage has been arranged in 2001, and maintained since then, by Doron Cohen. Major components are the departmental Wiki site and highlight pages; the seminar announcement and message board utilities; and misc physics-server based services. Crucial contributions are by Alexander Stotland (exercises pool 2006), Assaf Kletter (highlights 2007), Netzach Farbiash (logo and images 2007), Reuben Thieberger (history of the department 2010), Ben Yellin (renovation of the Course site and the Exercises pool 2011; Submission site 2012; People database 2014; The BigScreenSlides interface 2015), and Ira Wolfson (major renovation of the Course site​ 2016; renovation of the Spotlights/Slides interface 2017). The Shnaton PHP infrastructure has been constructed by Doron Cohen (2004-2013), with original HTML design by Tanya Kogan (2004), and current CSS design by Michael Gedalin (2014). Revised gates are maintained by Yevgeny Bar Lev (2019, in preparation).