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Incoming and outgoing ssh access is blocked.

Incoming access()

To get access from outside the network you either need to pay for a VPN service.
Alternatively you can ssh to physweb.bgu.ac.il (for free), which is connected to the university network.
This should not be advertised, since in principle it is a security breach.

Outgoing access()

Is only given per IP. You need to have a fixed IP for that. If you use wired LAN connection you should be fine, otherwise you can either contact the computing admin of the department Boris Zukerman (boristz@bgu.ac.il)or the head of main OS systems in Computing division Eran Lachs (eran@bgu.ac.il), with a request for:
  • Fixed IP. You will have to provide them your MAC addresses, either from the LAN/WAN interfaces
  • Ask them to grant you outgoing SSH permissions
That's about it.