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Computation Services and Information Tools


WIKI sites()

Departmental Wiki - used mainly for research highlights and allows public view
Segel Wiki - accessible only for Segel people
Administration Wiki - accessible only for faculty members

Useful Information Pages()

Checklist - Checklist for new physics segel, e.g. instructions for PEOPLE.
PhysicsServerUpgrade - message to the segel
Phys Linux Cluster Configuration - appendix to the message
PhysSiteComments - Intended for discussion of the Physics homepage gates.
how to install - Instructions how to install this WIKI application for personal/group usage
Publications - links for publications for each faculty member
Computing and connectivity - how to SSH from BGU outside


LabAdmin - redirects to the new LabAdmin page
ShnatonInfoGate - סטטוס ממשק ליצירה ולעידכון של תכניות לימודים
ShnatonManagement - הצגת צרכים - ראשי פרקים לדיון
ShnatonAdminGate - gate - has been moved
shnaton-dev - gate - has been moved
ShnatonCrsListsInputBKP - has been moved
listsShnaton_old - has been moved