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Checklist for new physics users ()

Get permission()

Assure your BGU identity has proper permission.
For that purpose simply verify that your homepage has been activated

Change your password if required

If you do not have permissions ask Lily (olili@bgu.ac.il) to contact Israel Geller (geller@bgu.ac.il)

Place your homepage:()

ssh physics.bgu.ac.il
cd MyWebSite

List yourself ()

Ask the physics office (physics@bgu.ac.il) to activate your user, and update your position

Go to https://physics.bgu.ac.il and login. The link is concealed at the bottom of the page, to the
left of the address. After a successful login a gray menu bar will appear at the top.

Edit your profile (left link in the gray menu bar) - please feed your cellphone and upload a passport like picture (face only).
Note: your cellphone is visible only for logged-in users ("segel").

Care to place your publication ORCID link. See instructions
For further instructions about the use of the website click HELP (right link at the gray menu bar)

If you are a new faculty, ask the chairperson to add you to the Group pages.
Add research slides, to present your research at the Group pages, and the Department presentation which appears in the big screen at the entrance.
See instructions in the HELP above.

Physics Homepage()

Get familiar with the physics homepage

Care to be listed in the SEMINARS mailing list

Get to know the SHNATON and COURSES sites