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This file is maintained by dcohen.

Installation ()

ssh into your physweb account
cd MyWebSite
mkdir PROJ
cp -R /PUBLIC/PhysWebSite/UTILS_segel/Wiki .
mkdir Wiki_var 
chmod uog+rwx Wiki_var 

and if you want also a public view option then
cd ..
ln -s PROJ/Wiki/WikiView.php .
ln -s PROJ/Wiki_var/upload WikiUpload


Browse into your site
(by default all physics "segel" members can browse, but not others)

Check the public view option
(by default anyone can browse)
You can edit the CSS and the HTML of the the WikiView.php per your preferences.
These appear after the PHP part, starting with "<!DOCTYPE html...>"

Restricting access ()

You can edit .htaccess file to restrict access to your PROJ folder
AuthType Basic
AuthGroupFile /usr/local/PhysnetFiles/Apache/GroupsDefinition.txt
PerlAuthenHandler MyApache2::SimpleAuth::authen_handler
AuthName "Please enter your BGU user-name and password (group members only)"
require user dcohen arwas hurowits ***LIST HERE YOUR GROUP MEMBERS*** 
satisfy any
(this is required if you want to block browsing by physics "segel" members)

For enhanced security ask a superuser to
cd ~UserName
chown UserName:48 MyWebSite 
(this is required if you want to block hacking by physics "segel" members)


  • You can check the available plugins using the following link
  • You can modify the look and the menus of the Wiki by editing WikiTemplate.html


  • This is a modified version of LionWiki, prepared by dcohen
  • File configuration is different to allow easy maintenance.
  • Added "Eq" and "color" options in the menu bar of the editor.
  • Different treatment of white spaces and respecting newlines
  • Adding Latex support
  • Adding Hebrew support
  • Adding printout view
  • Adding outer public view mode.
  • 2014May28 - WikiMain.php modified - username is documented in PageHistory
  • 2014May31 - Wiki/plugins/wkp_Tables.php modified - fixing the meaning of "| 2..." as opposed to "|2..."
  • 2014Jun06 - WikiMain.php and WikiDisplayPage.php fixed - "subpages" moved before parsing
  • 2014Jun07 - WikiDisplayPage.php renamed to WikiView.php - to avoid confusion
  • 2014Jun15 - adding Hebrew support to WikiView - http://physics.bgu.ac.il/WikiView.php?langd=rtl&page=ShnatonInfoGate
  • 2014Jun17 - WikiView.php and WikiTemplate.php - adding "nowrap" to menu bar
  • 2014Jul29 - WikiView.php and wkp_ImageExt.php - adding caption option (by Ariad)
  • 2015Feb18 - Structural changes (2016Feb25 - implemented in the departmental version)
  • 2016Feb25 - Adding PublicDisplayView button - WikiDisplay.php and WikiTemplate.html
  • 2018Feb18 - Adding EmailAlert option (not implemented in the departmental version)
  • 2018Feb18 - Disabling html-encoding of "<" in WikiMain
  • 2019Feb04 - plugin wkp_BetterEditor.php replaced (PHP7 upgrade)
  • 2019Feb04 - plugin wkp_Tables.php replaced (PHP7 upgrade)
  • 2019Feb04 - WikiMain.php corrected (search for "dcohen PHP7")
  • 2019Feb04 - Same corrections are required in the public view utility WikiView.php (search for "dcohen PHP7")
  • 2019Jun20 - MathJax link updated
  • 2019Aug20 - Upload plugin file replaced
  • 2019Dec15 - Two occurrences of GET secured in WikiView