BGU Physics Department

Statistical Mechanics

       course number 203-2-4171
      (4 hours, 3.5 points)

Lecturer:   Baruch Horovitz

Assistant:   Yonatan Dubi

  Latex header for lecture notes preperation can be found here+picture

     Exam Rules:
The exam will contain 5 questions with a total of 115 points. You may choose any combination of questions or items to maximize your score.
Two of the questions will be based on homework assignments with some modifications (e.g. additional items, change in given variables, etc.)
The material allowed during the exam:
1. The printed lecture-notes. Some equations in the lecture-notes may be highlighted.
 2. A few books.
3. One page (two sided) of hand written or typed formulii. This page will be attached to the submitted exam solutions. No other material or any hand written material is allowed.

The exam is prepared as a 3 hour work, however 6 hours will be allowed to avoid any time pressure.

Sunday 9-11(34/14) lecture 
Thursday 9-10
lecture (34/007)
Thursday 10-11 exercise (34/007) 

course plan (by weeks)
1-4              Ensemble theory
5-7              Quantum gases
8-9              Phase transitions
11-13          Non-equilibrium
Exercise plan (by weeks):
Each week we solve the exercise that
was due that week.
week 1
week 2
week 3
week 4
week 5
week 6
week 7
week 8
week 9