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Selected topics in solid state

(3 points, 3 hours)
course number 203-2-5061




Part A: Introduction
  1. Tunnel junctions, Coulomb blockade, single-electron-transistor
  2. Johnson-Nyquist noise vs. shot noise
  3. Josephson junctions, macroscopic quantum tunneling, macroscopic quantum coherence and Josephson qubits

Part B: Dissipative quantum mechanics
  1. Spin-Boson model, Golden Rule rates
  2. Bloch-Redfield master equation, Lindblad equation, T1 and T2 relaxation times, Lamb shift (renormalization vs. dissipation)
  3. Feynman-Vernon (Caldeira-Legget) description of dissipation of a quantum particle
  4. Caldeira-Leggett model in imaginary time, instantons, suppression of macroscopic quantum tunneling
  5. Caldeira-Leggett model in real time, quasi-classical Langevin equations, Keldysh formalism
  6. Ambegaokar-Eckern-Sch?n (AES) formalism for tunnel junctions: imaginary time, real time (Keldysh), shot noise

Part C: Applications
  1. AES treatment of Josephson junctions, quasi-particles
  2. P(E)-Theory, Coulomb blockade in shunted junctions, incoherent Cooper-Pair tunneling
  3. AES formalism for magnetic systems: derivation of stochastic Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation, spin torque transfer in magnetic tunnel junctions
  4. Extra advanced subjects (time permitting): for example RG for spin-boson and/or for Bose-Kondo Model


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