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Getting Started

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Course Status

there are three different kinds of courses: in regular and reinforced course the exercise are the same for all the courses in the group (with extra exercises for the reinforced group) the exercise table is managed by the course coordinator (one of the courses T.A)
the course type is determined by vaadat horaah (so no regular course can go solo by is own choice)
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Course Coordinator

whenever a course have more than 1 parallel group, the course will have a course coordinator. the course coordinator is responsible for all the exercises in course. it doesn't mean he have to write all the exercises. just to make sure they are published. the course coordinator will have a folder /Coordinator in is group (i.e. the coordinator of physics2B will have a folder in COURSES/Physics2B/Coordinator). in that folder he will have the ExercData.txt file, and whatever files he want to put (usually solutions for exercises)
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Managing Files

Files:     CourseData.txt      roster.html      messages.txt      Index.html      Index.txt      ExercData.txt      CoursePlan.html     

Very important notice: DO NOT change filenames. in general, try to avoid from changing the file formats as well. a bad file will cause problems in the site. if, for some reason the file is damaged, you can download new files from here
please, follow the instructions for managing each of the files., make sure you don't change capitals etc.

Course Data.txt

the course data file contains (as u probably guessed) the data for the course.
in each of the fields, there should be a space (only one) between the field and the input (i.e. Course: Physics2B is a good input while Course:Physics2B is a bad one) Exercise Source: you can check this sample file
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The roster.html is the file that contains the lectures / classes / Reception hours. this is a regular html file, but in the body of the file it contains only the roster table. you can check this sample file
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messages.txt is the file that contains the course messages. in each of the fields, there should be a space (only one) between the field and the input (i.e. Date: 8.8.10 is a good input while Date:8.8.10 is a bad one).
each message have the following format (each field in a new line) you can check this sample file
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This is the place for your academic freedom to be expressed. its an ordinary html that included in the course site. the file must contain course policy but other than that you can do whatever you like(though we recommend to keep useful links list and the lectures table (if the lecturer is publishing one).
soon there will be another option: using Index.txt instead of the Index.html, you will be able to set this option in the Course Data.txt when it will be working)
you can check this sample file
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feature not working yet :(
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This file is responsible for the Home exercise and Class exercise tables. you can check this sample file
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if you don't have a course plan written by vaadat horaa (usually for physics students) you need to build your own table. just make sure you divide it by week, and make references for the relevant literature
you can check this sample file
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Upload feature

this feature enables you to use the automatic upload system (written by amir fruchtman). you need to do some stuff so it will work:



More Links

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Contact Us

for any problem or issue that rise up you are welcome to contact us:
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  • Q: I am trying to edit my text files, but everything appears in one (long) row.
    A: start with saying three times loud: "windows is #!@?%^", when you done, you should try open the files with notepad++ or download one of the sample files
  • Q: some of the fields in the text files seems to be connected.
    A: same as the above (maybe this time you should say "Bill Gates parents were cousins")
  • Q: I don't have permissions to change the files in my directory
    A: send us an e-mail
  • Q: all the required files is ok, but i cant see the website
    A: make sure the link to your site is ok (the link to the site is where foldername is the folder your files in, i.e. ClscMech) if the link is broken pleas let us know and we will fix it right away
  • Q: I edited a text file, and the hebrew comes out giberrish
    A: The problem is with text file encoding (which should be UTF - 8), this could be set by using the notepad++ and setting the file encoding (encoding tab).
    another option is to download this file and edit it, its already encoded in UTF-8;
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