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Seminar Calendar

Regular seminars

Seminar name Venue Day of week Start time Organizers
Condensed Matter Seminar 54/207 Monday 11:30 Meidan
Particles and Fields Seminar 54/207 Monday 14:00 Kats
Physics Colloquium 51/015 Tuesday 15:30 Bar, Citron, Schechter, Kovetz
Astrophysics and Cosmology Seminar 54/207 Wednesday 11:10 Zitrin
Condensed Matter Theory Seminar 54/207 Wednesday 13:30 Schechter
Quantum optics seminar 54/207 Wednesday 15:00 Folman
Biological and soft-matter physics 54/207 Thursday 12:00 Granek
Special seminar 54/207 Saturday 12:00 Cohen

Course Policy

Attendance is required for those taking the seminar for credit.
Also, student are kindly requested to show up on time, as late arrivals disturb the speaker and the audience.