Non-relativistic quantum mechanics courses

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It is assumed that the student has taken the introductory course QM-I. Hence the student should be familiar with Dirac notations and with the elementary solutions of the Schrodinger equation: Simple potenials in one dimension; Harmonic oscillator; Hydrogen atom.

QM-II topics  / first part

QM-II topics /  second part

QM-III topics / first part  (For more details see below)

QM-III topics / second part

QM - advanced topics
(For optional topics see below)

Elaborated list of topic for the first part of the QM-III course:

Elaborated list of optional topic for the QM-advanced course:

Quantum Mechanics - Checklist

Below is the "maximal" list of topics with which one should be familiar at the end of the QM-II course.

(*)   advanced topics, if there is time
(**)  excluded topics, not in the QM-II course