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Plasma physics
פיסיקת הפלסמה

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Course structure

No. Topic Main source** Additional source***
* Optional topics are given depending on the time available
** Main source: Lecture notes
*** Additional source: Chen, Introduction to plasma physics and controlled fusion
1 Basic definitions and parameters. Debye screening and plasma osillations. Ionization. Coulomb collisions. Ch 1 Ch 1
2 Hierarchy of descriptions. Single-fluid model. Magnetohydrodynamics. Ch 2
3 MHD equilibria and waves. Ch3 Ch 6.1-6.4
4 MHD discontinuities. MHD in space plasmas. Ch 4
5 Two-fluid description. Relation to MHD. Ch 5
6 Waves in dispersive media - general approach. Ch 6 Ch 4.1-4.2
7 Waves in two-fluid hydrodynamics without and with external magnetic field. Ch 7 Ch 4.3-4.5, 4.10-4.19
8 Kinetic description. From kinetics to hydrodynamics. Landau damping. Ch 8 Ch 7.1-7.6
9 Microinstabilities. Beam instability. Ch 9 Ch 6.6
10* Nonlinear phenomena: first concepts. Ch 10


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