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Course Plan


Week Topic Chapter
1 Mathematical Intro -
Electric charge, Coulomb law, Electric field 21,22
2 Electric fields: dipole, line of charge, charged disk 22
Dipole in in external electric field 22
3 Gauss' law with applications 23
4 Electric potential 24
Electric potentials: point charge, dipole, continuous charge distribution 24
5 Capacitance and capacitors, dielectrics 25
6 Current and resistance 26
7 Circuits: direct current, resistors and emf, loop laws 27
RC circuits (qualitative) 27
RC circuits (quantitative) 27
8 Magnetic fields: magnetic force on a charged particle and current, magnetic torque on a current loop 28
9 Magnetic fields: Bio-Savard and Ampere laws and applications 29
10 Induction: Faraday's law, Lenz's law 30
11 Inductance and self induction 30
RL circuits (qualitative) 31
RL circuits (quantitative) 31
LC circuits (qualitative) 31
LC circuits (quantitative) 31
Alternating current and RLC circuitc 31
12 Maxwell's equations 32
Magnetism (qualitatively) 32
Electromagnetic waves 33

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