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Week Topic Chapter
1 preface and Coulomb's law: The structure of matter, electric charge and its conservation law, the electrostatic approximation, coulomb's law, potential energy of electrostatic charge distribution 23, 25
2 The electric field: The electric field of a point charge, the electric field of point charge distributions and the superposition principle, continuous charge distributions, electric dipole 23
3 Electric flux and Gauss's law: The flux of a vector field, the Integral Gauss's law and it's applications, the electric field of conductors 24
4-5 Electric Potential: point charge, dipole, continuous charge distribution, the electric field as the gradient of the electric potential, the electric potential of conductors, the flow of charge over potential difference, ground, capacitance and capacitors, emf 25, 26
6 Electric current and resistance:Current, current density vector, conductivity, resistivity and Ohms law, Drude model,electric power 27
7 Magnetic fields and Magnetic force : magnetic force on a charged particle and current, magnetic torque on a current loop 29
8 Sources of the magnetic field: Bio-Savard and Ampere laws and applications, force between two parallel conductors, displacement Current 30
9 Induction: Motional emf, Faraday's law, Lenz's law, Induced emf and electric fields, self induction 31, 32
10 Electromagnetic Waves: Waves in one dimension, the one dimensional wave equation, Maxwell equations, electromagnetic plane waves, Poynting vector (optional) 16, 34
11 Special theory of relativity: Postulates, time dilation and length contraction, Lorentz transformation 39
12 relativistic mass and momentum relativistic energy, magnetism as a relativistic phenomenon 39

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