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Week Topic Chapter
1-2 Math Intro -
Measurements 1
1D Motion 2
Vectors 3
2D and 3D Motion 4
Rotational Kinematics 11
3-4 Reference frames and Galileo relativity: inertial frames 4
Newton's laws 5
Various forces: gravity, friction 5
Various forces: drag (terminal speed only) 6
5-6 Work and Kinetic Energy 5
Work as a path integral (calculations, optional) 7
Work - Energy Theorem 7
Conservative and non-conservative forces 8
Potential energy and Energy conservation 8
7-8 Momentum, Newton's second law and momentum conservation 10
Systems of particles: center of mass 9
Collisions, Impulse an Momentom 10
9 -10 Rotational dynamics: angular momentum, torque, moment of inertia 12, 13
Rigid Body: moment of Inertia 12, 13
Rotation of a rigid body around a fixed axis 12, 13
11-12 Oscillations: simple harmonic motion 15
Damped and forced oscillations, resonance (qualitatively) 15



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