The Physics 1-2-3 Exercises Pool

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File naming convention: e_ ZZ _ X _ YYY [_s] [_pA]

ZZ    = topic (see list below)
X     = course code (see list below)
YYY   = running number
_s    = solution
_pA   = picture (
A is a running number)

Course code:
X=1     Physics for students of Physics
X=2     Physics for electrical engineering
X=3     Physics for mechanical engineering
X=4     Physics for Chemistry and chemical engineering
X=5     Physics for students of Biology and Geology
X=6     Physics for communication systems engineering and biomedical engineering
X=6     Physics for biotechnology and building
X=7     Physics for medical laboratory
X=8     Physics for industry and management engineering

ZZ=01  Math intro
ZZ=04  Dimensions
ZZ=07  Kinematics
ZZ=10  Newton
ZZ=13  Energy and momentum
ZZ=16  Central forces
ZZ=19  Vibrations
ZZ=22  Rigid body
ZZ=25  Gravity
ZZ=30  Math intro 2
ZZ=32  Coulomb
ZZ=33  Electric field
ZZ=36  Electric potential
ZZ=38  Capacitors
ZZ=39  Conductors
ZZ=42  Current
ZZ=45  Magnetic field
ZZ=48  Induction
ZZ=51  AC
ZZ=54  Maxwell
ZZ=60  Oscillations
ZZ=63  Travelling waves
ZZ=66  Wavepackets
ZZ=69  Waves 2-3D
ZZ=72  Interference and diffruction
ZZ=73  Geometrical Optics
ZZ=75  Black body radiation
ZZ=76  Bohr model
ZZ=78  PE, Compton
ZZ=80  QM1
ZZ=81  QM formalism
ZZ=84  Schroedinger
ZZ=87  Relativity
ZZ=90  Particles

ZZ=97  EXAMS phys1
ZZ=98  EXAMS phys2
ZZ=99  EXAMS phys3