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Course Plan


Lecture Main source Additional source
Introduction, units, experimental basics, scales in the Universe Ch 1
Ch 1
Estimation: guesstimates, dimensional analysis, scaling arguments Lecture notes

Kinematics: 1D, vector analysis, coordinates, Taylor expansion, kinematics in N dimensions, circular motion Ch 1, 6
Ch 2
Newton laws, reference frames, Galilean relativity, inertial and non-inertial frames Ch 2, 9
Ch 3, 4
Momentum conservation, system of particles, center of mass (discrete and continuum), varying mass Ch 4 Ch 6
Forces: contact, friction, drag, elementary, inertial, Hooke, elasticity
Ch 3, 6, 9
Ch 4
Work and energy, conservative and non-conservative forces, energy conservation, potential energy, collisions 1D, 3D Ch 5, 6 Ch 5
Harmonic oscillator: simple, damped, forced, resonances, Q factor Ch 11
Ch 7
Angular momentum and rigid body: moment of momentum, spin, rotation axis, moment, motion including rotation Ch 7
Ch 8
Rigid body dynamics, roll with and without slip intertia tensor,
Ch 8 Ch 8
(Optional) Euler equtions, moment-free dynamics, precession Ch 8
Ch 8
Motion in a central potential: effective potential, constants of motion, Keplerian motion
Ch 10
Ch 9
Spectial relavitiy: Lorentz transformation, time dilation, length contraction
Ch 12, 13 Ch 10, 11
Four-vectors: energy transform, Doppler effect, abberation, beaming
(Optional:) relativistic rocket
Secondary: Ch 13, 14 Ch 12, 13
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