Week Topic
Week 1: Preparing a quantum state 1: Isolation through vacuum, building a laser and locking its frequency (absorption spectroscopy, polarization spectroscopy, positive and negative cross over peaks, enhanced absorption) optics and electro optics (EOMs, AOMs).
Week 2: Preparing a quantum state 2: Control of external degrees of freedom through trapping (Optical, Magnetic and electric trapping) with AC and DC fields. The Ernshaw theorem, the Hyperfine quantum numbers, meta-stable state, Ioffe-Pritchard field, the Lande factor, the Z trap, trap depth, transition width: the electric vs. the magnetic dipole interaction.
Week 4-5: Preparing a quantum state 3: Control of external degrees of freedom through cooling (Magneto-Optical trap, Sisyphus cooling, evaporative cooling). Angular momentum of a photon, acceleration by light, Helicity vs. lab quantum axis, Doppler and recoil limits.
Week 6: Preparing a quantum state 4: Control of internal degrees of freedom (Hyperfine structure) through Zeeman and Stark shifts and optical pumping (Clebsch-Gordan coefficients).
Week 7-8: Manipulating a quantum state 1: The use of RF, MW and light fields for Rabi and Ramsey oscillations. The Bloch sphere.
Week 9: Manipulating a quantum state 2: Effects of loss (Majorana spin flips), decoherence (dephasing) and thermalization (heating).
Week 10-11: Measurement of a quantum state: Spectroscopy through fluorescent, absorption, dark spot and phase contrast imaging. Complementary methods such as ionization and Stern-Gerlach..
Week 12-13: Experimental sequence: Preparation, manipulation and measurement all in one. Computer, electronics.