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Electrodynamics 2

Course number: 203-2-4481
3 hours, 3 points

Lecturer: Michael Gedalin

Syllabus (from the Shnaton site):

Sources and links:

Course structure

No. Topic Sources
1 Relativistics electrodynamics (optional):
E.1 (1-7), E.2 (8-9), E.3 (15-25), E.4 (26-33)
2 Radiative processes (optional):
bremsstrahlung, cyclotron radiation, radiation of relativistics sources, synchrotron radiation, Hamiltonian approach
F.7.3, F.8, E.9, B(1)
3 Electrostatics of conductors:
electrostatic fields, energy, force on conductors, boundary value problems with conductors
A (1-3, 5)
4 Electrostatics of dielectrics
polarization and bound charge, permittivity, energy, boundary value problems
C (6.1-6.5), A (6-7, 10, 13-16, 19)
5 Magnetic fields and magnetic properties of materials:
magnetization and bound currents, succeptibility, boundary value problems, energy, force, ferromagnetism, superconductivity
C (9.1-9.6), A (29-36), A (53-55)
6 Quasistationary currents and fields:
magnetic field penetration into conductor, skin-effect, inductance
A (58-64)
7 Magnetohydrodynamics:
conducting fluid in a magnetic field, equilibrium, hyrdomagnetic waves, discontinuities
A (65, 68-72)
8 Macroscopic electrodynamics in simple media:
Maxwell equations in media, energy-momentum tensor, generalized dielectric tensor
A (56), G (13)
9 Electromagnetic waves and radiation processes in media I:
Hamiltonian approach in media, temporal dispersion, frequency dependence of the permittivity, index of refraction
B (1, 6), A (75-84)
10 Electromagnetic waves and radiation processes in media II:
waves in media with temporal and spatial dispersion
B (11)
11 Electromagnetic waves and radiation processes in media III:
Cerenkov and Doppler effects, transition radiation
B (7), A (115-116)
12 *Nonlinear electrodynamics (optional):
nonlinear effects, self-focusing, second harmonic generation, Raman scattering
A (107-112)

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