Week Topic Chapter
1 Electromagnetic Theory, Maxwell's equations, E-M waves, Energy, Momentum, Poynting vector 2
2 Light in dielectric materials, index of refraction, dispersion relation n(w), Rayleigh scattering, refraction, Fermat's principle 3
3 Theory of waves at dielectric interfaces, the Fresnel equations,  4
4 Total internal reflection, reflectance, transmittance, Raman scattering 4, Extra
5 Geometrical optics, thin lenses 5
6 Mirrors, fiber optics, optical systems, cameras 5
7 Geometric optics of thick lenses, analytical ray tracing, matrix methods, multiple lenses, aberrations, GRIN systems 6
8 Superposition of waves, beats, phasor addition, anharmonic periodic waves 7
9 Polarization, polarizers, dichroism, birefringence, retarders, polarization by reflection, circular polarizers 8
10 The Stokes Parameters, Jones and Mueller matrices, Optical modulation, liquid crystals 8
11 Interference, interferometers, multiple beam approaches 9
12 Diffraction, Fraunhofer diffraction, Fresnel Diffraction 10

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