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Selected topics in solid state physics 2 (Physics of granular media)

Course number: 203-2-5061
Semester: B 2020
3 points

Lecturer: Ido Regev


Course Plan

Week Topic Sources
1 Introduction: non-equilibrium nature of granular media, phases of granular media, phase transitions in granular media, pattern formation in granular media, uses of granular media in the industry and geophysics.
2 Sedimentation and surface growth, scaling and data collapse, fractal dimension and roughness exponents, finite size scaling
3 Basics of stochastic processes and randomness, deriving equations of motion from symmetry (Landau theory)
4 Interactions between dry and wet grains: types of granular media, grain size distribution, friction, dissipation, elastic and electrical interaction. Molecular dynamics simulations.
5 Elastic and viscous behavior, viscoelasticity, dynamic linear response, basics of continuum mechanics, calculation of stress in systems of particles.
6 The jamming transition, critical behavior at point J, growing length scale and soft modes, the cutting argument, random close packing, jamming in living cells.
7 The glass transition, complex energy landscapes, compaction, the Edwards measure, Monte-Carlo simulations, detailed balance.
The yielding transition, reversibility transition and hysteresis, mesoscopic models, structural evolution, strain localization, shear band instability.
9 Avalanches, critical behavior, depinning, sand pile models, angle of repose.
10 Granular flows and rheology (shear thickening, shear thinning), mixing and chaos, convection, the brazil-nut effect, dimensional analysis, pi-theorem.
11 Granular gases: effective temperature and granular cooling, the Boltzmann equation.
12 Erosion and sediment transport, pattern formation in sand, aoelian processes, sand dunes, ripples.
13 Student presentations, visit to the university wind-tunnel.

Office hours

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Group What? Name Day Hours Building/Room
Lecture regev sun 17:00-19:00

Course Policy

Course assignments and gradin policy:

2 homework assignments (20% grade each).

Presentation on a topic that will be chosen by the student from a list of topics (60% grade).

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