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Plasma Physics

Course number: 203-2-4281
Semester: A 2019
3 points

Lecturer: Michael Gedalin


Course Plan

Week Topic Sources
1 Basic definitions and parameters. Debye screening and plasma osillations. Ionization. Coulomb collisions. I.1

2 Hierarchy of descriptions. Single-fluid model. Magnetohydrodynamics. I.2

3 MHD equilibria and waves. I.3

4 MHD discontinuities. MHD in space plasmas. I.4

5 Two-fluid description. Relation to MHD. I.5

6 Waves in dispersive media - general approach. I.6

7 Waves in two-fluid hydrodynamics without and with external magnetic field. I.7

II.4.3-4.5, 4.10-4.19
8 Nonlinear stationary waves in two-fluid theory I.7

9 Kinetic description. From kinetics to hydrodynamics. I.8

II. 7.1-7.6
10 Waves in kinetic description. Landau damping. I.8

11 Instabilities (two-stream, beam) in hydrodynamic and kinetic descriptions. I.9

12 Instabilities (two-stream, beam) in hydrodynamic and kinetic descriptions. I.9

13 (Optional) Noninear phenomena - first concepts. I.10

Office hours

Name Day Hours Building/Room E-mail
Michael Gedalin By apppointment 54/326


Group What? Name Day Hours Building/Room
Lecture Michael Gedalin Monday 10:00-13:00 51/318

Course Policy

100 % grade - home exam.

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