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amir fruchtman

Amir Fruchtman
Building 54 Room 317
box 158

Msc. student
Physics Department
Ben Gurion University

Advisor: Prof. Baruch Horovitz

Msc Thesis title: Spin flip rate and heating of cold atoms trapped by a superconductor chip with a single vortex

abstract: We study trapping of a cold atom by a single vortex line in a superconducting chip. In particular we evaluate the spin flip rate due to the vortex fluctuations. We derive the boundary condition for a general shape vortex in an extreme type II superconductor. We find that there is a special spin orientation, depended on the lateral distance to the vortex and on the height above the superconductor, at which the spin is almost not affected by vortex fluctuations.


  • Single vortex fluctuations in a superconducting chip as generating dephasing and spin flips in cold atom traps  [link]
    A. Fruchtman and B. Horovitz, 2012 EPL 99 53002

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