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1987-1991  PhD, the Technion
1991-1996  Military service (IAF captain).
1996-1998  Postdoc, the Weizmann Institute
1998-2001  Postdoc, Harvard University
2001-....  Ben-Gurion University, Senior Lecturer
2006-....  Ben-Gurion University, Associate Professor
2012-....  Ben-Gurion University, Full Professor
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Academic honors and grants

1986   Prize of the Israeli Physical Society
1987   BA Summa Cum Laude (grade 98)
1988   Wolf Foundation Award
1989   Special Gutwirth Scholarship
1990   Gutwirth Scholarship
1991   Prize of the Israeli physical Society
1991   Special Gutwirth Scholarship
1993   DSc in Physics (Technion)
1994   Awarded Ministry of defense research degree
1995   Awarded the Landau (national) Prize for PhD thesis
1996   Feinberg Fellowship 1996-1998
1997   Chevening-Clore Foundation Scholarship
1998   Rothschild Foundation Scholarship
1998   Fulbright Scholarship
2001   Alon (national) fellowship
2002   The Israeli Science foundation (ISF) grant
2002   The German-Israeli foundation (GIF) grant
2006   The Deutsch-Israelische Projektkooperation (DIP) grant
2007   DFG Forschergruppe 760 (external member)
2007   The US-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF)
2011   The Israeli Science foundation (ISF) grant