BGU Physics Department()

The Biophysics Group()

Biophysics members:()

Feingold Mario
Research interests:
    • We study the growth and division of single bacterial cells using time-lapse microscopy together image processing.
    • We use Optical Tweezers to monitor the protein-DNA interaction at the single molecule level.
Krichevsky Oleg + Lab homepage
Research interests: We study interactions and physical properties of biological molecules with the help of advanced optical (Single-Molecule Imaging, Fluorescence-Correlation Spectroscopy) and molecular biology techniques.

Yochelis Arik
Research interests: Pattern formation in biology and physiology (theory)
    • Auditory system: spatially localized amplifications in the cochlea.
    • Nonlinear waves of molecular motors in cellular protrusions.
    • Dynamics of intra-cellular actin polymerization and membrane waves.
    • Excitability and pacemakers.

Medical Physics members:()

Mordechai Shaul
Research interests:
    • Early spectral changes of cellular malignant transformation using FTIR-Microspectroscopy.
    • Continuous monitoring of WBC (biochemistry) in an adult leukemia patient using advanced FTIR-spectroscopy.
    • Potential of 'Flat' Fiber Evanescent Wave Spectroscopy to Discriminate Between Normal and Malignant Cells in vitro.


Gersten Alexander
Research interests: Quantum physics, biomedical physics and biomedical engineering.


Prof. Roni Granek (Biotechnology Engineering, BGU)

Dr. Gheber Levi (Biotechnology Engineering, BGU)

Dr. Tsori Yoav (Chemical Engineering, BGU)

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