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Astrophysics, Relativity, Cosmology, and Space Physics



Crab nebula in x-rays

Crab nebula in x-rays




Plasma eruption from the Sun

The Astrophysics and Cosmology group is engaged in research in the following fields: general astrophysics, high-energy astrophysics, relativistic astrophysics, cosmology, plasma astrophysics, galaxy dynamics, stellar dynamics, large scale structure, space physics, solar-terrestrial relations. A partial list of astronomical objects which are within the scope of the research: galaxy clusters, spiral galaxies, black holes, gamma-ray bursters, jets, pulsars, solar system, Sun, solar wind, planetary magnetospheres, and binary Systems. 

Contact: astro@bgu.ac.il
Short link: www.bgu.ac.il/~astro


Prof. David Eichler

Prof. Michael Gedalin

Dr. Uri Keshet

Prof. Yuri Lyubarsky


Prof. Raphael Steinitz

Research Associates:

Dr. Ephim Golbraikh

Dr. Evgeny (Uri) Griv



Eyal Gavish

Rahul Kumar

Elad Malka

Yossi Naor

Ido Reiss


Prof. Ramy Brustein

Prof. Tov Elperin

Prof. Eduardo Guendelman

Dr. Alex Kaganovich

Prof. Nathan Kleeorin

Dr. Edward Liverts

Dr. Michael Lublinsky

Prof. Michael Mond

Prof. Igor Rogachevskii


(all events in room #207, bldg 54)

Astrophysics seminars
Wednesdays, 11:15 AM

Group pizza meetings
Wednesdays, 12:30 PM

Physics colloquia

Physics seminars

Some topics of interest:

                         -- Manifestations of Exotic and New Physics in Nature / D. Eichler
                         -- Collisionless Shock Waves and the Origin of Cosmic Rays / D. Eichler
                         -- Space Weather / M. Gedalin
                         -- Collisionless shocks / M. Gedalin
                         -- Pulsars / Y. Lyubarsky
                         -- Relativistic jets / Y. Lyubarsky
                         -- The largest objects: galaxy clusters /  U. Keshet
                         -- Black holes / U. Keshet

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