BGU Physics Department

Magnetic Structure

Prof. Gad Gorodetsky – leader of group;
Dr. Evgeny Rozenberg,
Dr. Vladimir Markovich.

Research Interest:

Experimental studies: Electronic conductance in strongly correlated systems (Manganites), Colossal magnetoresistance, Transport properties at high pressure, Magnetic, transport and thermal properties of nano-size granular magnetic structures, ferromagnets, antiferromagnets and superconductors. Magnetic and structural phase  transitions. Domain Structure of Magnetics, Magnetic and Structural Phase Transitions of Solid State, Magnetic Aftereffect.

Experimental studies of transport and magnetic properties of various manganite systems: self-doped, hole-doped in the vicinity of the percolation threshold, electron-doped manganites in the temperature range 5-300 K and at  high pressures up to 1 GPa. Experimental investigations of dc current flow on the transport characteristics of low doped manganites. Using these measurements the transport mechanism, magnetic phases and magnetic interactions in manganites under consideration is analyzed.

Recent Funded research grants

“Application of sonochemically prepared magnetic nano particles”. (99-2002) Ministry of Scienc, Culture and Sport.
“Phase separation and percolation effecs in CMR Manganites”
2001-2004) Israel Academy of science and humanities.

Recent Publications

Nucleation Energy in the Solid State.
Phys. Rev., B59, 13 (1999)
I. Revzin, J. Pelleg and G. Gorodetsky.

Structural and Magnetic Properties of Pb0.53(NiFe)0.47 Granular Film.
J. Magn. Magn. Mater., 215-216, 201 (2000)
E. Rozenberg, J. Pelleg, D. Mogilaynsky, B. Revzin, G. Gordetsky and I. Felner.

Magnetization and Magnetoresistance of Magnetically Soft Manganite La0.67Sn0.33MnO3.
J. Magn. Magn. Mater., 215-216, 204 (2000)
B. Revzin, E. Rozenberg, G. Gordetsky, J. Pelleg  and I. Felner.

Low-Temperature Resistivy Minimum in Ceramic Manganites.
J. Appl. Phys., 88, 2578 (2000).
E. Rozenberg, M. Auslender, I. Felner and G. Gorodetsky.

Finite Ferromagnetic Clusters La1-xZnxMnO3 (x = 0.05 and 0.10).
J. of Superconductivity: Incorporating Novel Magnetism., 13, 659 (2000)
IX. Felner, M.T. Tsindlekht, G. Gorodetsky and E. Rozenberg.

The Effect of Pressure and Magnetic Field on the Resistance of Self-Doped Manganese Perovskite La0.91Mn.0.95O3.
Phys. Rev., B62, 14186 (2000)
V. Markovich, E. Rozenberg, G. Gorodetsky, R. Revzin, J. Pelleg and I. Felner.

Suppression of the Ferromagnetic-Insulating Phase in Self-Doped La0.94Mn.0.98O3 Crystal Under Pressure.
Phys Rev. B., 63, 054423 p.4 (2001)
V. Markovich, E. Rozenberg, G. Gorodetsky, M. Greenblatt and W.H. McCarroll.

Correlation Between Electroresistance and Magnetoresistance in La0.82Ca0.18MnO3 Single Crystal.
Appl. Phys. Lett., 78, 3499 (2001)
V. Markovich, E. Rozenberg, Y. Yuzhelevsky, G. Jung, G. Gorodetsky, D.A. Shulyatev and Ya. M. Mukovskii.

Low-Temperature Resistivity Minima in Single-Crystalline and Ceramic La0.8Sr0.2MnO3: Mesoscopic Transport and Intergranular Tunneling.
J. Appl. Phys., 89, 6639 (2001)
M.I. Auslender, A.E. Kar’kin, E. Rozenberg and G. Gorodetsky.

The Nature of Low-Temperature Minimum of Resistivity in Ceramic Manganites.
J. of Alloys and Compounds, 326, 81 (2001).
M.I. Auslender, E. Rozenberg, A.E. Kar’kin, B.K. Choudhri and G. Gorodetsky.

Observation of Magnetic Inhomogeneities in Crystalline Doped Manganites by Electron Magnetic Resonance.
Phys. Rev., B64, 172401 (2001)
A.I. Shames, E. Rozenberg, W.H. McCarroll, M. Greenblatt and G. Gorodetsky.

Pressure Effect on Magnetic and Transport Properties of Zn Doped La0.91Mn0.95O3 Manganite.
X. Appl. Phys., 90, 2347 (2001)
V. Markovich, E. Rozenberg, G. Gorodetsky, D. Mogilyansky, B. Revzin and J. Pelleg.

Low-Temperature Minimum of Resistivity and Magnetoresistance in Ceramic.

EMR Study of La0.887Na0.113Mn0..984O3 and La0.94Mnr0.98O3  Single Crystals.
Material Science Forum, 373-376, 63 (2001)
A.I. Shames, E. Rozenberg, G. Gorodetsky, W.H. McCarroll and M. Greenblatt.

Current Induced Telegraph Noise in CMR Manganites.
Fluct. Noise Lett., 1, L105 (2001).
Y. Yuzhelevsky,V. Dikovsky, V. Markovich, G.Gorodetsky, G. Jung, D.A. Shulyatev and Ya. M. Mukovskii.

Preparation and Magnetic Properties of Fe-Ag Granular Alloy.
J. Magn. Magn. Mater., 233, 195 (2001)
Suwen, Y. Lunxiang, Y. Koltypin, A. Gedanken, Xiaonong. Xu, Y. Yeshurun,
I. Felner and G. Gorodetsky.

Current Induced Metastable Resistive States with Memory in Low-Doped Manganites.
Phys. Rev. B. 64, 224428 (2001).
Y. Yuzhelevsky,V. Dikovsky, V. Markovich, G.Gorodetsky, G. Jung, D.A. Shulyatev and Ya. M. Mukovskii.

Pressure Effects on Charge-Ordering State in Sm0.2Ca0.8RuxMn1-xO3 (x=0; 0.04).
Phys. Rev.B., 64, 224410 (2001).
V. Markovich, E. Rozenberg, G. Gorodetsky, C. Martin, A. Maignan, M. Herview and B. Raveau.

Conductivity Oscillations in Current-Induced Metastable States in Low-Doped Manganite Single Crystals.
Phys. Rev. B., in press
V. Dikovsky, Y. Yuzhelevsky, V. Markovich, E. Rozenberg, G.Gorodetsky, G. Jung, D.A. Shulyatev and Ya. M. Mukovskii.

Magnetic, Transport and Ferromagnetic Resonance Properties of La0.82Ca0.18MnO3  Single Crystal
Phys. Rev.B., 65(2002) 144XXX.
V. Markovich, E. Rozenberg,A.I. Shames, G. Gorodetsky, I. Fita, K. Suzuki, R. Puzniak, D.A. Shulyatev and Ya. M. Mukovskii.

EMR Studies of Magnetic Inhomogeneities in Crystalline and Nano-Sized Powders of La1-xSrxMnO3
J. of Appl. Phys., (2002) in press.
A.I. Shames, E. Rozenberg, G. Gorodetsky, A.A. Arsenov, D.A. Shulyatev, Ya. M. Mukovskii, A. Gedanken and G. Pang