BGU Physics Department

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Prof. Shaul David Goren - group leader;
Prof. Charles Korn;
Dr. Gregory Furman;
Dr. Alexander Panich;
Dr. Alexander Shames;
Ms. Rachel Knol - Ph. D. student;
Ms. Olga Sigalov - Ph. D. student;

Reaserch Interest

Experimental and Theoretical studies in Solid State Physics, Inorganic Chemistry and Materials Science using following techniques:
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR),
Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR),
Electron Magnetic Resonance (EMR), which includes Electron Paramagnetic/Spin Resonance (EPR/ESR), Ferromagnetic/Ferrimagnetic/Antiferromagnetic Resonances (FMR, AFR);

Basic studied material properties:

Low-dimensional structures
Incommensurate structures
Phase transitions
of Superconductors, Semiconductors, Intercalation Compounds, Fullerenes, Inclusion Compounds

Application Fields :

High Temperature Superconductors, Fullerenes, Magnetic Materials, Biophysical and Biochemical Labeling, Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry of Radicals, EPR Dosimetry.

Theoretical investigations:

Topological effects in many body and nuclear spin systems, Spin lattice relaxation and diffusion processes of the Zeeman and dipolar ordering states in solids containing paramagnetic impurities, nuclear spin lattice relaxation and spin diffusion in type II high –Tc superconductors, investigation of the quantum computing using pure nuclear quadruple resonance.

Recent Publication

V. Sokolovsky, V. Meerovich, S. Goren and G. Jung, J. Bock and S. Gauss, AC Losses in BSCCO Cylinders Operating in Inductive Current Limiter, IEEE on Appl. Superconductivity 9, 1361 (1999).

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A.M. Panich, A.R. Semenov,  G.N. Chekova, Ju.H. Krieger and S.D. Goren, 35Cl NQR Study of Incommensurate State in Thiourea - Hexachloroethan Inclusion Compound, Solid State Commun. 110, 363 (1999).

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Chapters in Books

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