BGU Physics Department

    Astrophysics I

course number 203-1-1101
(3.5 points, 4 hours)



1. Elements of radiation, plasma, relativity, nuclear, and particle physics;
2. Introduction to astronomy: observations, scales, distance ladder;
3. Stellar structure, formation, collapse and end states;
4. We, Earth, Solar system, Milky way, local group, visible Universe;
5. Our galaxy, stellar matter, stellar dynamics, exosolar planets;
6. Cosmology, Big Bang, structure formation and large scale structure;
7. Time permitting: high energy astrophysics;
8. Time permitting: multi-messenger (neutrino, cosmic-ray, gravity waves) astrophysics.


  1. Course book: Astrophysics for Physicists, Arnab Rai Choudhuri, QB 461 C535, 2011
  2. Reference, expansive: Modern Stellar Astrophysics, Dale A. Ostile & Bradley W. Carroll, QB 801.C25 1996 (AKA: BOB - big orange book)
  3. Background, easy reading: The physical universe: an introduction to astronomy,  Frank H. Shu, QB 43.2.S54 1982


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